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You strive for excellence in your work and understand that no detail is too small. It's this same commitment to quality that makes Fine Woodworking magazine a must-have resource for every workshop. With Fine Woodworking, you'll do more than complete projects. You'll gain essential knowledge and build lifelong skills to elevate your woodworking to the next level. And the next level after that.

Country: United States
Language: English
Publisher: Taunton Direct
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Issues: 7

Customer Reviews

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The craftmanship shows.

If you've ever read any books by Taunton press you'll recognise the expert level of craftsmanship in Fine Woodworking magazine. I read mainly for the expert tips and jig designs that make my projects go faster and more reliably. I would one day like to try out some of the high end techniques when I have more time to make something completely otherworldly amazing.