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Every week, Sports Illustrated magazine gets you closer to the heart of sports, with spectacular action photography and in-depth coverage. Experience the inside track as Sports Illustrated takes you into the minds and hearts of the players and coaches, every week.

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More about Sports Illustrated magazine: Every fan knows that Sports Illustrated magazine is the go-to source for all things sports related. Read award-winning athlete profiles, page through glossy photos that put you right in the heart of the action, and prepare for the coming season with special preview issues, considered essential reading material for true fans of college and pro sports. Get gameday updates and up-to-the-minute player news in the “Inside the Week in Sports” column, and read expert analysis so you know who to cheer for each week. Special tribute issues and the legendary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue are hallmarks of America’s most recognized and respected sporting publication. With opinions, statistics and fan sound-offs jam packed into every copy of Sports Illustrated magazine, a subscription to this National Magazine Award-winning publication is all a sports fan needs to get the inside scoop on all the athletes, games and events to keep an eye on.

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Well-written and interesting
I have been reading this magazine for years. I love it (except for the swimsuit issue :(
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this so good i like that
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Quality Magazine
I am very happy with Sports Illustrated. I bought the limited subscription for my newphews to enjoy but have found that I want to read it first! The articles and of course the photography are top quality. The only negative I have noticed is the teen targeting alcohol adds from ones like Even Williams, etc. but I simply rip those pages out before I let them read it. Thank you for providing a quality sports magazine!
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love it
I read this every week. i go the the site as well. i would like to see more interviews, seeing things from a players perspective. would like to see an writer added for a lighter side to the sport/athlete.
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ValueMags will save you $$$
I've ordered Sports Illustrated and Cooking Light from Value Mags several times with 100% enjoyment from my friends. I'm saving money and my friends are happy. It's a win win situation!!

I'll definitely continue to order from Value Mags.
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Must-have for sports fans
My 10 year old son loves SI and has learned so much about sports from reading it. I grew up with SI and I enjoy it just as much today.
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My son reads this magaine!
I don't actually read this magazine myself, but started getting it for my boys (and husband). My 17 year old son doesn't like to read, but he READS the articles in this mag. Worth the subscription just for that!
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awsom work
well writen
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SI is the best sports magazine by far!
The only con I can think of is I miss the Rick Reilly column on the last page of the magazine. He now writes for ESPN so I read his column on line. They have replaced his column with several different sports writers. I rarely read that page anymore.
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Excellent magazine
My 10 yr old son & I both read and enjoy SI. I have been reading it since childhood. The only thing I don't like is the swimsuit issue (I'm female). SI does have the option to not have it sent, which I appreciate.
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