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Artist's Magazine is for serious, active artists. The approach is instructional, based on step-by-step presentations that show as well as tell. There is practical, technical advice about tools, materials and techniques. The magazine is a source of information for artists-including features and columns on such topics as selling and exhibiting their artwork. It also features full color instructions to help you enhance your creative skills, expert advice about painting techniques, materials and tools, the most up-to-date information about seminars, workshops, exhibits, and competitions a wide range of painting styles.

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More about Artist's Magazine: Whether you aim to improve your painting and drawing skills, are looking for a little creative inspiration, or are making the transition from hobby to career, The Artist’s Magazine is for you. Written for serious practicing artists who want to ignite their creative fires, The Artist’s Magazine is packed with techniques, tips and step-by-step, illustrated guides from noted artists. If you’re an artist who wants to turn your passion for painting or drawing into a profitable career, The Artist’s Magazine is the subscription you should turn to for guidance. Monthly columns aimed at career artists include helpful hints on exhibiting, pricing and marketing artwork. Artists looking to improve their techniques will find The Artist’s Magazine’s workshop and seminar listings helpful, while self-teachers and beginners can appreciate the full-color tutorials and the Master Class column that analyzes a different famous work of art each month.

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Every copy is full of Information
Its like a workshop, Good tips on the use paint, given by the people that use it or make it. Also you may find a new way to expand your income, with the information on the biz it self.Self promotion. All types to feed your head.
by: anonymous
9/4/2008 10:36:00 PM
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