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Many of today's most popular titles are available in Spanish-language editions. For Spanish speakers with a global perspective there's National Geographic en Español. Alternatively, Selecciones Reader's Digest takes Reader's Digest's winning formula of a pocket-sized format, engaging and compelling stories and short fiction and humor pieces and translates it for a Spanish-speaking audience. Stories about health, politics, education, family and science are edited with the Hispanic viewpoint in mind, and many issues highlight important figures in the Hispanic community, as well as Latino celebrities. For all the latest on the lifestyles of the Latino rich and famous, however, the title of choice continues to be People en Español. For sneak peeks into the lives of the hottest stars, updates on the most current fashion and beauty trends, and a healthy dose of human interest stories about both ordinary and extraordinary members of the community, People en Español can't be topped. For sports fanatics, there is a Spanish-language version of the edgy ESPN Magazine, ESPN Deportes, that offers in-your-face coverage of pro and college football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Get up-to-the-minute athlete stats and keep up-to-date on the athletic match-ups that can't be missed. Men's Health en Español is another title geared toward active, sporty men, with features on nutrition, workout regimens, grooming and health sure to keep every reader in top shape. And for Latina women who love to be in the know, a subscription to Latina magazine is a must. All the dish on dressing a curvy shape, enhancing Latina features, and entertaining with spice and flare can be found in the pages of Latina.