About ValueMags

Founded in 1999 and based in Chicago, ValueMags partners with the top magazine publishers in the U.S. to help sell print subscriptions and single copies. We develop retail sales sites for publishers and partners like Meredith, for its website that sells books and magazines in Canada, and Sports Illustrated, for its single issue sales pages.  

Our eMagazines business includes technology that seamlessly transforms print products into premium mobile experiences for reading and listening to content on the go. eMags Digital Newsstand & Stories sells and delivers digital editions on its website and our top rated Android and iOS apps.

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ValueMags is a sponsor and member of the Fulfillment Management Association, the Alliance for Audited Media and has offices in Chicago, IL and Mount Laurel, NJ.

Company headquarters:
730 North Franklin St, Ste 601
Chicago, IL 60654

email: supportticket@valuemags.com