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For those who wish there was a manual written for raising children, they can now turn to family and parenting magazines for some guidance. These magazines offer a wealth of information and suggestions ranging from potty training to safety guides. For moms who like to follow the trends of the young and hip, Cookie magazine presents plenty of hipster fashion ideas for their little ones. While this magazine caters to the more affluent parent, there are still many articles on family getaways and meal ideas, along with reviews of new toys, books, games, DVDs and music for kids that will be beneficial to all families. Thankfully, those parents who need help with the ups and down of raising kids can open to any page in Parenting magazine and one of the age-specific articles on child development will leap out. While Busy moms will likely appreciate stories on eliminating stress and staying organized, others will be fans of the magazine's ability to tackle real-life issues. Parents focuses on all aspects of child rearing including health and safety issues of children, along with dangerous toy recalls. Plenty of articles on cool kid gear can be found inside, which is fitting considering celebrity moms like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani have been featured in this popular title. Since American Baby has been put on the map by expectant & new parents, it stays focused on all things first-time parents should know, like the health and medical issues of pregnancy, and infant and child care. While new products, accessories and fashions get highlighted, nothing can be more enjoyable than Family Fun. Whether your child likes to design t-shirts or jewelry, play word games or cook with easy-to-follow recipes, there's no shortage of ideas that will make school holidays and spring breaks good times! If you see the motto: ?The Joy of Family Living and Learning,? you'll know to expect all things related to childhood education and development from Scholastic Parent & Child, where parents who want to take active roles in raising their children will get practical advice on everything from how to talk to teachers to bully-proofing kids.