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Magazine Title Years Price Savings   Rating
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles1$24.9558%DETAILS 
Aventura Magazine1$22.0044%DETAILS 
Baltimore Magazine1$15.0068%DETAILS 
Blue Ridge Country1$17.9524%DETAILS 
Charlotte Magazine1$19.9558%DETAILS
4.0 rating
5.0 rating
Cleveland Magazine1$14.9564%DETAILS 
D Magazine1$18.0062%DETAILS 
Edina Magazine1$24.0049%DETAILS 
HOUSE Magazine1$10.0076%DETAILS
3.0 rating
Imagine Louisiana1$16.0020%DETAILS 
Kentucky Monthly1$15.0067%DETAILS 
Lake Minnetonka Magazine1$24.0049%DETAILS 
Los Angeles Magazine1$15.0075%DETAILS
5.0 rating
Massachusetts Wildlife1$6.0054%DETAILS 
Memphis Magazine1$15.0050%DETAILS 
Midwest Living1$9.9958%DETAILS
4.8 rating
Midwest Outdoors1$14.9558%DETAILS 
Missouri Life1$21.9919%DETAILS 
Montana Outdoors1$12.0020%DETAILS 
New England Home1$19.9533%DETAILS 
New Orleans Magazine1$19.9558%DETAILS
4.0 rating
New York1$70.0049%DETAILS
5.0 rating
Newport Life Magazine1$18.0024%DETAILS 
Ohio Magazine1$18.0062%DETAILS 
Orange Coast Magazine1$12.0080%DETAILS 
Palm Springs Life1$21.7540%DETAILS 
Paper Magazine1$12.9774%DETAILS 
Philadelphia Magazine1$12.0075%DETAILS 
Phoenix Home & Garden1$18.0070%DETAILS 
Phoenix Magazine1$14.9768%DETAILS 
Plymouth Magazine1$24.0049%DETAILS 
Russian Life1$36.008%DETAILS 
Sacramento Magazine1$18.0062%DETAILS 
Seattle Magazine1$18.9568%DETAILS
4.0 rating
Simply The Best1$16.6241%DETAILS 
Something Blue Magazine1$12.950%DETAILS 
Southern Boating1$22.9558%DETAILS 
St Louis Magazine1$18.0051%DETAILS 
St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles1$14.9558%DETAILS 
4.5 rating
4.5 rating
Tampa Bay Magazine1$12.0045%DETAILS 
Tampa Bay Magazine2$20.0050%DETAILS 
Time Out New York Kids1$9.9572%DETAILS 
Wisconsin Natural Resources1$8.9761%DETAILS 
Woodbury Magazine1$24.0049%DETAILS 
Yankee Magazine1$24.0033%DETAILS 

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City residents and visitors can experience the best that a city has to offer by reading local & regional magazines, which will make sure that all are kept in the know by providing details on buzz-worthy events happening around town. Chicago, Los Angeles and New York magazines will guide you to the best new restaurants, nightlife hotspots and unbeatable brunches, as they also uncover the most notable movers and shakers, along with the latest theatre, music and festival happenings. While culture and politics are plentiful, in-depth interviews and the freshest in style will make you want to hop on board and land in the middle of it all! If you're a fan of the West, Desert Living and Sunset magazines will show you the most stunning architecture, gorgeous interiors, one-of-a-kind designs, exquisite travel destinations and delicious recipes, highlighting the best of the West and Southwest lifestyle. Both cater to those who appreciate the West and include beautiful photos that capture it. Midwest Living celebrates the Midwest family. Inside, you'll find information on travel, events, dining, and home and garden suggestions that reflect the real Midwest lifestyle - a perfect way to jump right in and indulge in the culture. If you're looking for something new, Time Out Chicago and Time Out New York will have you checking into the latest hot spots in Chicago and New York City. For the latest in film, theatre, music and restaurant openings, look no further than to these publications and their weekly updates that are must-haves for planning any fun-filled, adventurous weekend.