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More About Men's Interest

Men's Interest magazines cover all the hot topics today's modern man is interested in, from fitness and fashion to politics and, of course, women. Magazines like Men's Fitness, Men's Health and a href="http://www.valuemags.com/home/details.asp?MagID=673">Men's Journal encourage a healthy lifestyle by featuring workout regimens, nutrition, sports training and high intensity outdoor adventures. Maxim set the stage for the rapidly growing popularity of guy magazines, with titles like Black Men, King and American Curves following in Maxim's irreverent footsteps. In guy magazines, seductive photos, music and video game reviews, humor and sex are in the spotlight. Other leading Men's Interest titles focus on in-depth reporting, probing profiles and GQ, Details and category leader Esquire are known for their well-rounded approaches to popular culture as it relates to today's male. Readers can find dapper fashion advice, strategic career moves, not-to-be-missed restaurants, and humorous editorial columns from well-regarded essayists in these magazines, all nominated for National Magazine Awards for General Excellence. Many Men's Interest magazines have also earned notoriety for their edgy and compelling art direction. Nineteen-time National Magazine Award-winning Esquire has featured some of the country's most iconic covers (like Andy Warhol being sucked into a can of tomato soup), created by legendary art director George Lois. Subscribers to any Men's Interest magazine can expect to find the most pertinent tips for achieving success, whether it is in relationships, business, personal appearance or life in general.