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Architect cover
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Magazine Title Years Price Savings   Rating
American Farriers Journal1$52.950%DETAILS 
American Salon1$26.5034%DETAILS 
Architectural Record1$72.0040%DETAILS 
Back Stage1$99.0048%DETAILS 
Clinical Advisor1$75.000%DETAILS 
Contemporary Ob/Gyn1$110.0015%DETAILS 
Contemporary Pediatrics1$89.0026%DETAILS 
Dance Teacher1$24.9558%DETAILS 
Diverse:Issues in Higher Education1$26.0071%DETAILS 
DM News1$148.000%DETAILS 
Editor & Publisher1$99.000%DETAILS 
Engineering News Record ENR1$87.0067%DETAILS 
FireHouse Magazine1$29.9550%DETAILS
4.0 rating
Flute Talk1$13.0048%DETAILS
4.0 rating
Golf Teaching Pro1$18.0025%DETAILS 
Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement1$28.9740%DETAILS 
Insurance and Technology1$65.0023%DETAILS 
Jewelers' Circular Keystone1$99.0050%DETAILS 
Jewelry Artist1$29.9558%DETAILS 
Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants1$75.000%DETAILS 
Leather Crafters And Saddle Journal1$32.000%DETAILS 
Limousine Digest1$28.0053%DETAILS 
McKnight's Long-Term Care News1$60.000%DETAILS 
Medical Marketing & Media1$148.0038%DETAILS 
Monthly Prescribing Reference1$98.0059%DETAILS
5.0 rating
MPR Hematology/Oncology Edition1$49.000%DETAILS 
MPR Pharmacists' Edition1$49.0039%DETAILS 
MPR Urologists' Edition1$39.000%DETAILS 
Nurse Practitioners' Prescribing Reference1$59.0026%DETAILS 
Ocean Navigator1$25.9535%DETAILS 
Personnel Psychology1$91.0035%DETAILS 
Physician Assistants' Prescribing Reference1$49.000%DETAILS 
Pointe Magazine1$16.9543%DETAILS 
PR Week1$248.000%DETAILS 
Professional Mariner1$27.9533%DETAILS 
Renal & Urology News1$75.000%DETAILS 
Residents' Edition Prescribing Reference1$39.002%DETAILS 
SC Magazine1$98.000%DETAILS 
Technology & Learning1$29.9525%DETAILS 
The American Journal Hematology/Oncology1$110.000%DETAILS 
Today's Catholic Teacher1$14.9540%DETAILS 
Walls & Ceilings1$58.0050%DETAILS 
Wood Digest1$77.000%DETAILS 

More About Professional Magazines

Stay on top of your professional game! Remain up to date on your chosen career field with the aid of the many magazines written for dedicated, forward-thinking professionals. Teachers and school administrators will find tips and tricks to use in their schools and classrooms in the pages of magazines like Instructor, School Planning & Management, and Technology & Learning, as well as weekly news journals like Education Week, which focus on national educational developments. Media professionals can stay abreast of advertising, design and general publishing trends with help from magazines like the renowned Editor & Publisher (the so-called bible of the newspaper industry) and the cheeky Adweek. Designers can turn to publications like HOW and STEP Inside Design to get wise to the latest in typography, illustration and layout, while photographers will find insider industry information in the pages of Photo Techniques magazine and trade publication Picture magazine. Trade magazines like Candy Industry, American Salon, Footwear News and Modern Jeweler help niche professionals navigate their very specialized fields, with advice on manufacturing, marketing and distributing a wide variety of products. Regardless of your chosen profession, there is likely a magazine subscription that will help you to master your field and advance in your career.