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Biblical Archaeology Review1$29.700%DETAILS
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Catholic Digest1$26.9555%DETAILS
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Christian Retailing1$40.0071%DETAILS 
Christianity Today1$24.9558%DETAILS 
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Horoscope Guide1$42.0019%DETAILS
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Kashrus Magazine1$25.000%DETAILS 
Kids' Ministry Ideas1$21.9531%DETAILS 
Midstream Magazine1$21.000%DETAILS 
Moment Magazine1$33.000%DETAILS 

More About Religion & Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality magazines are written and edited for people wishing to understand and cultivate faith in their lives. One of the most popular titles in the Religion & Spirituality category is Guideposts, the publication of the nonprofit Guidepost Foundation, which encourages leading a richer, fuller life through faith. Guideposts applies traditional Judeo-Christian principles to issues that affect modern Americans: family, careers, finance, health and personal relationships. Christianity Today and Today's Christian Woman are leading titles that cover issues of specifically Christian spirituality, with celebrity profiles, inspiring human interest stories and empowering affirmations dealt with from a Christian perspective. Readers of Moment Magazine will find an ongoing conversation about today's Jewish culture, while Theology Today offers a broader perspective on all world religions. Ignite Your Faith encourages teens to pursue questions of spirituality, and Message magazine addresses the issues of African Americans of faith. Church leaders will also find titles to assist in educating and enlightening: Leadership magazine and Ministry Today offer guidance, inspiration and new ideas for counseling and teaching parishioners, and Kids' Ministry Ideas is packed with tips on raising children into a life that includes spirituality. For those of alternate spirituality, a popular title is Horoscope Guide, an astrological publication that encourages greater self-awareness and features daily horoscopes to help guide readers through life's ups and downs. No matter what your belief system, you are sure to find a publication that offers guidance and inspiration among our Religion and Spirituality titles.